In 2017 I was part of a team working on Action/Puzzle game Term1nal for Gear VR. I joined this team around the time production started and I remained on until release, implementing new gameplay features and doing performance optimization.


As one of my tasks during development, I kept oversight of the game's performance. We'd work with Oculus to learn from them and share the lessons we've learned. Optimizing the game for mobile VR was a technical challenge as it required getting the game to run at a stable 60 frames per second without overheating.

I also developed a large variety of the core gameplay systems that the user interacted with.

Because of the varied and small optimizations required to make this game perform I learned a lot about profiling and performance optimization for mobile games in Unity. By stretching the platform to its limit we also encountered a lot of obscure bugs and errors. For example, we would repeatedly and unexpectedly run into out-of-memory crashes which spurred us to further optimize the memory usage.

I also collaborated with the design team during development and actively contributed to the game design process.