Meeting Rembrandt



Meeting Rembrandt is an interactive experience for Gear VR. I optimized the project to run solidly on mobile platforms (on Gear VR) without overheating.

The largest contributor of overheating at the time was the run-time decoding of the video. By changing the encoding of the video I was able to reduce the decoding time, which saved a lot of processing for a slight trade-off in quality. This happened to be unnoticeable on Gear VR. This change also had the benefit of reducing the file size by a factor of 10, which allowed us to package the game in a single .apk file!

I also optimized the amount of processing that had to be done for a frame by combining static captures from the video with the interactive footage. Our video editor took captures of areas with little movement and would cut the video and images together. I'd then re-implement these back in the Unreal project.


The rest and the smaller portion of my time was spent on fixing bugs and implementing new feature requests.

The game has been published for free on the Gear VR app store.