Frank van Wattingen

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I'm a game developer from the Netherlands. I'm currently available as a freelancer. I have a propeaudeutic from International Game Architecture And Design (IGAD) at the NHTV in Breda. I've worked at Force Field VR in Amsterdam, and interned at Base Games and Tengu Games.

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I specialize in combining design and development, always trying to keep scope small and work iteratively. I think games that look good reflect in a good user experience. For me, functional and intuitive GUIs are also very important. Building games is my passion, and I'm always looking to improve.


TERM1NAL is an action adventure game developed by Force Field VR for the Gear VR. I worked on a large portion of the game code and I’ve been responsible for implementing many of the game’s features. I worked on this project from the beginning of production until release, touching many areas, including gameplay features and performance optimization.

Call of Duty 2 - D3DBSP Loader

I'm actively working on a Call of Duty 2 map loader. I'm using Unity as a base for easy prototyping. This is a work in progress! I've reverse-engineered the D3DBSP and .IWI material format. It can currently generate level meshes based on the compressed data on the disk. The next step is loading objects/entities.


Offworld is a 3D arcade-style shooter against AI. I participated in the development of Offworld during the first period of my internship, improving the control scheme and general feel of the game. The game was an existing project of Tengu Games which I've updated to play and feel better. I've also added a new ship, and a new weapon, with a completely new system of controls.

Lumber Jacques

Lumber Jacques is a party game with unique gameplay. You play locally together with friends. You're a French-Canadian lumberjack throwing axes, attempting to kill your enemies. Axes that are thrown get stuck in the level and have to be retrieved by the player to be used again. You'll play different gamemodes such as Free-For-All, Last Man Standing and Oddball.

Deathmatch Shooter - Multiplayer

Deathmatch Shooter is a fully networked Unity top-down shooter, where you walk around in a large destructible arena and try to get the most kills. It has a Quake-style weapon unlock and health system. This game was made in a week-long office gamejam. The objective for our team was to take a simple game, and make it feel as satisfying and polished as possible within the timeframe.

I was responsible for the client-side functionality, class structure groundwork, and visual effects. The game was finished in the same week, working as a team of 5 in Unity.

The March

The March is my graduation project. It's a tactical, Stratego-like game with short matches and extreme replayability. The game takes place on a 15x3 grid field. The objective of the game is to break through the ranks of the enemy and have at least one of your rows reach the other side. You're only allowed to perform a single action each turn, and an action is either moving or attacking. You can only attack directly forwards, and you can only move one space. The game features full networking over-internet capabilities.

Nature's Grove

In the first period of my internship, I worked as the client-side programmer on a real-time hex-based strategy game where you control your base, called the Warden, and its minions to defeat the enemy's Warden. As I was the only client-side programmer, I faced many choices that had a large impact on the final game. I was completely responsible for designing the client codebase, choosing the appropriate technologies, and solving any technical difficulties encountered during the development process. I was also responsible for the shaders and other in-engine graphical requirements.


I was contracted by Angry Engineers Entertainment to work part-time on Centration. I joined the team as a client-side programmer, mostly responsible for the character. I was responsible for character creation, rendering, netcode, and controllers. I worked with multiple programmers from home.